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Alternate Power Technologies is a leading renewable energy company focusing on solar, micro hydro, wind and bio-fuel energy solutions.

At Alternate Power Technologies (APT) we design, engineer, implement, train, monitor and support renewable energy solutions in places around the world where renewable energy adds the most value for our customers, their homes and communities.

Alternate Power Technologies (APT) works with government, industry and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners to deliver renewable energy based solutions in urban and rural communities world wide. APT facilitates sustainable and affordable renewable energy based electrification projects to power water pumping, telecom sites, remote telemetry stations, drip irrigation, health clinics, rural schools and households, village/community lighting and income-generating micro-enterprises.

Solar Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was formed in Pakistan after the highly successful projects implemented by its parent company APT in USA. The US location primarily serves as a technical solutions, product realization and test bed center. In US, close proximity to latest innovations in the alternate energy industry and access to latest products and financing gives APT the opportunity to try out various solutions before implementing them for our customers in Pakistan..

Solar Power Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is the legal representative in Pakistan and focused on deploying renewable energy systems for commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential customers.


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